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Apple extract, 60%-75% apple polyphenol

Apple extract, 60%-75% apple...

Product Name Apple extract, 60%-75% apple polyphenol
CAS NO 60-81-1
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Apple extract, 60%-75% apple polyphenol

Description :

The title:100% Natural Apple Extract Apple Polyphenol Fruit Extract Nutrition High Quality

CAS: 60-81-1

Molecular formula:C21H24O10

The key word:Apple Polyphenol  Phlorizin  Apple extract

product name:  apple extract

active ingredients:  Apple Polyphenols 60-75%

                                phlorizin 5-15%

                                Chlorogenic Acid 5-20%

color:  Light red fine powder

benefits:  Antioxidant, antitumor, control weight

application:  Pharmaceutical, Food, supplement, Cosmetic

advantage:   pure natural 

                     high purity 

price:   negotiable

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